Help Create a Truly Free Market in Texas

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Help Create a Truly Free Market in Texas

In order to combat the deep pockets of automobile dealers in Texas, Tesla needs YOU – the consumer – to help us make our case to state legislators. We all know that money talks, but so can you.

If you agree that true competition needs to be unleashed in the automobile industry for the benefit of Texans, then fill out the form below to find your local lawmaker. You’ll then be able to let him or her know that you stand with Tesla in supporting direct sales of vehicles to consumers.

Fill out this form to find your local lawmakers. Tell them that you stand for choice and innovation in Texas.

Dear [Legislator Title] [Legislator Name],

I am writing today to ask for your support of SB 2093 by Senator Hall and its companion HB 4236 by Representative Isaac. This proposed legislation will allow manufacturers of vehicles of any weight, class, size or shape to sell direct to consumers. Direct Sales will modernize how consumers buy new cars in Texas.

It is difficult to understand why in the year 2017, with so much focus on economic development and with unmatched technological advances realized in every area of our lives, Texas citizens are expected to purchase cars using an antiquated system that benefits no one other than the dealers who profit off it. Every other industry has had to adapt to a constant evolution of innovation and modernization in order to maintain a profitable business, yet this one industry utilizes the government to protect itself from competition and ensure a captive customer base.

The benefits of Direct Sales are clear:

By supporting SB 2093 and HB 4236, you will be sending a loud message that you support eliminating protectionist regulations and agree that consumers, not the government, should decide how Texans buy new vehicles.

Thank you for the work you do for our great state. Please continue this great work by ensuring the millions of Texas citizens are afforded the opportunity to benefit from scientific advances and modern conveniences when purchasing their next vehicle.


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