Why can't Tesla operate freely in Texas?

In Texas, there are outdated laws on the books that ban consumers from buying cars directly from manufacturers like GM or Toyota. In our state, you must purchase your vehicle at an auto dealership.

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The Solution

Texas must allow consumers to buy direct!

Changing the laws to allow consumers to purchase their vehicles directly from manufacturers will unleash competition and radically improve the car buying experience for Texans. At Tesla, we believe the direct sales model promotes consumer choice, competition and innovation. 

You might be asking yourself – why doesn’t Tesla just sell their vehicles through the dealership system that’s already in place?

Because of our dedication to the customer:

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Car created just for you.

Tesla makes cars to order. If you don’t order a car, it is never made. You aren’t limited by the color choices on the lot, or specific packages. Pick what you want. Get what you want.