About Tesla in Texas

The Tesla Difference

Direct Sales
Forget the hassle of pushy salesmen. Tesla’s sales model allows you to purchase your car directly from us, the manufacturer, in order to assure you get exactly what you want. Read more...
Zero-profit Service model
Introducing the "Infinite Mile Warranty", Tesla’s revolutionary business model. The days of paying for services or repairs are over. Read more...
You know you’ve got something special when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has to come up with a new award just to show how highly your car is ranked. Read more...
Simply put, innovation is merely a synonym of Tesla. Our groundbreaking ingenuity in our cars makes us just as excited as you are to use them. Read more...
Receiving a stamp of approval across the board, Tesla is praised in all categories.
  • Motor Trend "Car of the Year"
  • Consumer Reports "Best Car Ever Tested"
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration "Highest Safety Rating in America"
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    Although Tesla is currently operating in Texas, we are unable to easily sell our cars to Texans.

    So what is preventing an innovative American company like Tesla from being able to operate freely in Texas?

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